Using a Web to Print Storefront to Design Custom Print Products

Many ecommerce web to print storefronts now include design tools and graphics editors that allow you to create print products directly within your browser. It’s extremely easy, and no knowledge of Photoshop or other common graphics programs is required. The most efficient online design format is HTML5 which can allow for total flexibility of a document via your browser. HTML5 is cross browser and tablet compatible.

Here’s how to create a custom print product in a web to print storefront:


Select a document size

Select a document size. You can select a standard paper size, or create a custom size. You may also select a product type, such as an envelope or postcard that comes in standardized sizes.


Upload photos

Upload photos, artwork, fonts and other items you require for your design. Many web to print designers will also come with a library of stock fonts, clipart and graphics for you to use if you don’t have your own.


Drag your images

Drag your images into the desired location. You can modify your image size by clicking the edge and dragging to shrink or stretch it. You can also crop images.


Add text

Add text. You can select the font size, colour and type, and even add decorative elements such as a drop shadow or bevel. You can also add multiple textboxes to accommodate headlines, body copy, etc.


Add pages

Add pages for multi-page documents, or documents that require a back and a front. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the new pages.



Once you’ve finished designing your product, you’ll be directed to view a preview to see how it will look once it’s printed. If you’re happy with your design, finalize it.


Confirm and print

Once you confirm your print order, you’ll be asked to provide shipping information and other details, as well as confirm payment. Once your payment is processed, your custom designed item will be printed and shipped to you!