How to Use Variable Data Printing to Customize Your Marketing

Variable data printing is a type of printing that allows you to customize information and images on every piece in a print job. This means that each piece includes unique data tailored around the person that will receive it. Variable data is used most often in direct mail printing, but can be used for invitations, postcards and other marketing pieces as well.
Variable data products are typically used in corporate / B2B scenarios. The most common format for variable data templates is PDF.

Web to print software makes it simple and hassle-free to use variable data printing to include unique data and personalized images for each person on your mailing list.

You can include:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Personalized images
  • Order history
  • Customer preferences
  • Product recommendations
  • And a lot more!

With web to print software, variable data printing is easy. Here’s how it works:


Use W2P Storefront

Use a web to print storefront to design a direct mailer, postcard, invitation or other print piece that you want to include variable information.


Indicate variable field

Make sure there is a variable field indicated on your marketing piece. (For instance, if you want the name of each customer to be included, NAME should be your variable. You can indicate multiple variables if you have more than one, and also do image variables.)


Create spreadsheet or excel

Create a spreadsheet or excel file that includes all your variable printing information.


Submit print order

Submit your print order as usual, confirming the design and submitting payment. When your print order is processed, your spreadsheet will be used to fill in the variables.


Ship variable data

Your variable data marketing pieces can be shipped to each of your customers directly, or sent to you.