Designing a PDF Template Product

One product type is the PDF Template product. Users can enter text in text fields and select design options (if available) on a template.

Here is how to use a PDF Template product:


Select a Product

Select the product with the desired template. Printing and pricing options may be available here, or they may be available when adding the product to cart. Select the desired options if they are available.


Fill in Fields

Enter information into the fields, and select any available options.


Refresh and Preview

Preview the changes by clicking on the Refresh Preview button. Make changes if unsatisfied with the outcome.


Add to Cart

Add the product to cart by clicking on the Approve & Continue button. If printing and pricing options are available here, select them now.

To learn how to create a “web to print” template using a pdf, you will need to Download the PDFLib Plug-in. Then you can learn how to create a web to print template through the Video tutorials on the Video Tutorials Page.