Using Web to Print For Business-to- Business Transactions

A B2B (Business to Business) web to print solution involves a web to print provider creating a customized ecommerce web to print portal to hold all a company’s branded print materials. Such a web to print portal can contain pre-approved templates using PDF for all the marketing and print pieces to ensure consistent designs are used across the entire portal. Such portals can include templates for signage, postcards, direct mailers, flyers, posters, stationery, business cards, and much more.

All franchisees or employees who have a login can access their brand portal. Administrators can limit access and include an approval hierarchy to ensure that lower-level employees must get approval from management level employees before confirming a print order. When a print order is approved, it will be sent directly to an established printer to be processed. Once printed, the order will be delivered or ready to be picked up.

Advantages of a B2B Web to Print Portal Include:

  • Ability to upload, create or edit files directly within your web to print portal
  • Files are sent to a local printing company for professional quality printing
  • Pre-approved templates ensure a consistent brand image across multiple locations
  • Create, store, print and distribute all the marketing materials necessary for your business in one place
  • Intuitive and easy to use for management and employees
  • Budgeting and approval tools ensure that company spending is transparent
  • Invoicing and order management tools
  • Accessible anywhere that has internet access
  • Easy to reorder additional copies or set up scheduled print jobs