Using Web to Print Technology to Design Direct Mailers

Designing direct mailers through a web to print portal is generally a type of B2B printing, but there may be B2C systems available to accomplish the same thing. Direct mailers can save you time and money, and make it simple to maintain a consistent brand image, especially if you are designing direct mailers for a business with multiple locations and franchise owners.

With web to print, you can upload and save direct mail templates that can be used and edited by all your locations. Your templates can then be customized to meet the unique specifications of each location. For instance, contact info, promotions and even images can be edited. Once each location has altered the direct mailers to their liking, they can then be sent to you for approval. Once they’re approved, they’ll be printed and distributed by your web to print company.

Advantages of Direct Mail Printing Through Web to Print:

  • You can create a branded portal for all your print marketing materials, including direct mailers, posters, stationery, business cards, promotional items and more
  • You can build templated direct mailers and other marketing materials that your employees and franchises can edit to meet the needs of all your locations
  • Web to print has built in invoicing and order management
  • Management tools and approval ensure transparency in budgets and spending across your company
  • Use variable data printing to inscribe names, individual photos and other customer information into your direct mailers
  • Your direct mailers can be distributed directly by the printer, or sent to your doorstep
  • You can use variable data printing, to customize names, images, order information, product suggestions, and much more