Web to Print Solutions That Use Direct Transfers

One way online printers facilitate printing is through direct upload mechanisms, such as email uploads, FTP (file transfer protocols) or web to print drivers. Direct transfer web to print solutions are typically simple to use and lack the depth of features available in a comprehensive ecommerce web to print solution. They are a great option for small or one-off orders.

Email Transfer

Using an email upload is exactly as it sounds. Files are transferred from your computer to the print company through an email provider. An email transfer is the most basic version of web to print; all files are attached manually. Your files are then sent directly to the print company’s email account. Another type of email transfer involves attaching files to web form. Your files are then directed to the print company for processing.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

File transfer protocols are type of online printing that involves visiting a FTP site to share your files with a web to print company. FTP solutions may require a login provided by the print company. This type of web to print solution is also quite basic, though depending on the print company, there may be some basic features, such as the ability to save your order history and reorder prints. Examples of FTP services include:

Web to Print Drivers

With this type of web to print solution, you download a web to print driver that allows you to send files directly to a web to print company through any application on your computer. You open the file you want to print in its native application (i.e. Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe PDF reader, Word, Excel, etc.) and then select the print driver from your list of printers to send your files to the print company for processing. Learn more about downloading and using a web to print driver.

File Sending Services

File-sending services, or cloud services, can also facilitate files sending from customers to print companies. The customer drops the files they want printed into a cloud folder that the print company has access to. The print company then contacts the customer to complete the print order and begin processing. Examples of popular file sending services that can be used for web to print include: GoPrint2, Dropbox, YouSendIt, FileShare, etc.