What is Web to Print

Web to print is a type of online printing service that allows you to print documents directly from the Internet. Web-to-Print, sometimes referred to as Web2Print or W2P, is a term within the print industry that refers using a website for ordering printing services. At the most basic level, web to print involves tools such as emails and FTP servers that allow print consumers to deliver files to print suppliers via the web. More complex forms of web to print include mediums of ecommerce to make payment in order to pay for printing.  However, as technology is getting more and more advanced, a company dealing in web to print technology and solutions must offer more than just ecommerce websites, emails and file uploads.


Advanced Web to Print Solutions

There are two primary types of advanced web to print. B2B (business to business printing) and B2C (business to consumer printing), both of which use ecommerce web to print storefronts. In these web to print storefronts, customers add items to a shopping cart, and check out to order them.

B2B printing is geared towards businesses that need commercial printing and want to achieve consistency across their printing and marketing. Pre-approved templates (for items such as stationery, business cards, signage, and marketing) are uploaded onto a company-specific web to print portal, and can be ordered by employees as needed. Variable data fields are incorporated into the pre-approved templates to allow for customization.


B2C Printing, on the other hand, offers a catalog of generic templates for commonly printed items (such as business cards, invitations, postcards, etc.) in an ecommerce web to print shop. The generic designs can be edited to include custom photos, logos, text, etc. Most printing companies offer web to print services for both businesses and individual consumers. Whether you’re a professional graphic artist, a brand manager in charge of your company’s marketing, or simply someone who needs new business cards, there is web to print solution that will streamline the print ordering.


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